Программы на флоппи floppy fdd ghost32 exe и кино для видео

Are there any options like there with ghost32.exe -clone,mode=copy . by Ghost, any other imaging or cloning program The Ghost program is installed onto your computer from a CD. The Ghost program In System Works. 2001 the file is setup.exe in 2002 the file is ghost. msi. The Ghost Disk is a single Floppy disk that contains everything you will need to image. Jan 28, 2014 copy "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\ghost32.exe" with a new line stating "x :\windows\system32\ghost32.exe" 9.Unmount the image. Hello -- I have numerous ghost files ( gho and pqi ) files I would like to restore them -- I did see some post using the command ghost32.exe.