Открыть железную дверь мод на minecraft pe и чата друг вокруг для компьютера

11 окт 2016 Железные двери прочнее деревянных, хотя и дороже, и могут быть как деревянные двери можно открыть правым щелчком мыши. How to open an iron door. The game control to place the button depends on the version of Minecraft: For PC/Mac, right click on the block. For Pocket Edition Mar 20, 2017 7.1 Pocket Edition. 8 Gallery An iron door removed by hand will not drop itself as an item. Oak wood doors and iron doors generate naturally in strongholds, with the latter having a stone button to open. Dark oak wood.

Iron Doors are a type of door that was added in Update 0.13.0. It can only be opened.