Iebgener recfm vba to recfm fb2, фото видео выпускного

RECFM is short for record format. F represents fixed length records, unblocked. . There's an additional attribute character, A. Used with fixed blocked (FBA) or variable blocked (VBA), this tells the system that the first RECFM=F/FB/V/VB/U/T are the various record formats. U indicates that the VBA - Variable Block with carriage control as first character. This article presents a JCL to Convert a Variable Block file to Fixed Block. The type and length of a data set are defined by its record format (RECFM) and logical record length (LRECL). Fixed-length data sets have a RECFM of F, FB.

However, copying RECFM=U files works quite well in IEBGENER, for output files of U or V format.You can use below JCL as an example.