Драйвер для gev189 и клипы yanni

Leica USB Download Cable - Driver v1.0 (1.43Mb). Device driver for the GEV189 & GEV195 USB Download Cables. Zipfile includes installation instructions. GEV189 Data transfer cable, Lemo to USB connector (incl. USB electronics), included on CD. Connects TPS1200+/DNA to PC for data transfer. PC driver Leica GEV189 6.5ft (2m) USB Data Transfer Cable (Lemo to USB) for Connects TPS1200+/DNA/Builder-CC60 to PC, Includes USB Electronic, PC Drivers and. Below are cable drivers for all the current Leica USB cables to connect Leica instuments to PC's. Documentation; Instrument Software. Documentation.

USB Cable Drivers GEV267/GEV268/GEV269. Cable Drive. USB Cable Drivers GEV189/GEV195/GEV218. Cable Drive. © Copyright Surveying Technologies. USB Cable drivers for GEV189, GEV195 and GEV218 2012-03-20. Drivers for the GEV189, GEV195 and GEV218 USB download cables. Drivers for.